[theta naught] is:

Darren Corey - Drums & Theremin
Greg Corey - Lap Steel
Ryan Stanfield - Bass & Saw

Briawna Anderson - Harp
Ben Alleman - Keys & Percussion


After forming in 2002, the collective of musicians that comprise Theta Naught have continued to push their own idea of improvisational, experimental, instrumental music into new realms. Only so much of the Theta Naught sound can be captured on a recording, but the energy and emotion experienced at a live performance is something not to be missed or taken lightly as these musicians improvise powerful aural scenery. The group has been compared to a cross-genre hybrid of acts like J.S. Bach, Faith No More, Miles Davis, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Pink Floyd, and more.

Over the years as the group membership has fluctuated, the Naughtians have become adept at quickly identifying one another’s talents and abilities and empowering them to full force. Mathematics has been and will continue to be a central tenet in Theta Naught composition ideology, as this assembly of professional engineers, scientists, academics, and musicians combine their knowledge and skills in a quest to attain musical, mental, and rhythmic oneness. Collaborative performances have become second nature to the group as they have shared the stage and the studio with a variety of artists from poets to dancers to bands and orchestras.

In 2013, after 10 great years, Theta Naught went on hiatus as an active group, though they do occassionally perform as Sound Mass, an improvisational collaboration with My Education (Austin, TX).

“An engrossing style of ambient jazz that captivates and hypnotizes.” -The Salt Lake Tribune

“They fugue like you wouldn’t believe.” -Catalyst Magazine

“Bordering on pretentious, but in a good way.” -ADD reviews

“They understand the language of music, and are fluent in its pronunciation.” -SLUG Mag

“Contemporary instrumental music for music teachers.” -Scene Point Blank

“Inspirational, moving, and above all, challenging...a diamond in the haystack.” -Decoy Music

“It’s quite amazing that Theta Naught has reached this form of cohesion - it is improvisational music that almost sounds completely premeditated.” -The Silent Ballet

[naughtian emeriti]:

Jared Stanfield - Piano, Synth, & Accordion
Peter Romney - Cello
Taylor Miller - Guitars
Oliver Callis - Guitorgan & lap-slide
John David Eriksen - Cello & beats
Tess Lund - Violin
Josh Ogzewalla - Guitar [rest in peace, brother]

[these] have been naughtians:

Chad Dorton - Guitar
Jason McFarland - Guitar
Morgan Handley - Guitar
Sam Runolfson - Cello
Elliott Ferris - Cello
Cassie Olson - Cello
M Ward - Cello
Rachelle Ence - Violin
Micah Dahl Anderson - Drums
Ian Camp - Drums
Justin Taylor - Drums
Elledge Bowers IV - Drums
Irminsul - Harp & Keys
Kristen Lawrence - Piano
Isabella Berntsen - Piano